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HSC – Ancient History Programs:

HSC Trial Preparation LecturesFocused WorkshopsHalf-Yearly Exam SeminarsHSC Resources

Hear tips, tricks and essential content from our HSC experts to prepare effectively for the Trial exams.

Held at five of our university partner campuses

Here’s what you’ll learn at each lecture:

  • Vital key content from the core and/or option modules of each subject from one of our HSC Experts;
  • Examination tips, tricks and strategies to maximise your marks;
  • Insights into what HSC markers are looking for within responses;
  • How to respond to a range of HSC questions and worked answers/solutions.

_This is the most effective way to prepare for the HSC Trial exams and boost your internal mark. No other organisation can boast the qualifications and experience of our HSC presenters._ Students will also receive comprehensive booklets/notes written by our expert teachers

Ancient History Lecture Details:

Detailed analysis and techniques to succeed in the Core topic: Cities of Vesuvius Pompeii and Herculaneum. Vital examination strategies will also be addressed, including insights on how to achieve band 6 responses.

  • All core topics covered
  • Common errors made across the core units
  • Tips, tricks and strategies to improve your marks in the exam
  • Exposure to potential HSC questions and their solutions

HSC Lecture Pricing

1 Subject $ 40.00
2 Subjects $ 75.00 Save 7%
3 Subjects $ 105.00 Save 14%
4 Subjects $ 130.00 Save 21%
5 Subjects $ 150.00 Save 26%
6 Subjects $ 170.00 Save 28%
7 Subjects $ 190.00 Save 32%
8 Subjects $ 210.00 Save 34%
This event is over for this year, please check our programs.
All areas of the Ancient History syllabus will be addressed, including option sections of the paper. Students will receive guided instruction on strategies to improve their knowledge, skills and examination strategies within each Area of Study, including Core Studies, Ancient Societies, Personalities in their Times and Historical Periods . A range of possible HSC questions will be answered on the day and students will be provided with a comprehensive workbook that includes exemplar responses, tips for each section of the exam and practice questions. Owing to the vast number of options within each area, we do ask students to bring their notes so that we can assist them in using their area of study more effectively.

  • Intensive review of all core and option topics
  • Practice a range of possible HSC questions across each topic
  • Provision of exemplar and annotated response to questions
  • Personalised feedback throughout the day.
  • Insights into the HSC marking process and tips to maximise marks

1 Workshop $ 190.00
2 Workshops $ 370.00 Save 3%
3 Workshops $ 490.00 Save 16%
4 Workshops $ 590.00 Save 29%
5 Workshops $ 690.00 Save 38%
6 Workshops $ 790.00 Save 44%
This event is over for this year, please check our programs.

Helping you achieve success in the half-yearly examinations

Our subject-specific seminars have been designed to provide you with the insight and understanding from our expert HSC Teachers in the lead up to the half-yearly exams.

Each seminar runs for two hours. In each session, you will learn:

  • How to approach each type of question in the exam;
  • A chance to practice writing answers/solutions;
  • Techniques to maximise marks;
  • A deeper understanding of what HSC Markers are looking for;
  • Vital critical thinking and analysis skills;
  • Detailed, in-depth content in key areas of the syllabus.

Lecture notes will also be provided for each session you attend.

Topics Included:

  • Core Studies: Cities of Vesuvius – Pompeii and Herculaneum
    • Geographical context
    • The Nature of sources and evidence
    • Investigating, reconstructing and preserving the past

What you will learn:

  • Instruction of course content from a highly experienced HSC Marker
  • Tips, tricks and strategies on responding tvarious question types
  • Insights intwhat HSC Markers will be looking for in responses
  • A chance tattempt sample HSC questions and compare with exemplar responses

SEMINARS PRICING (inclusive of workshop materials and GST):

1 Seminar $ 30.00
2 Seminars $ 55.00 (save 9%)
3 Seminars $ 75.00 (save 18%)
4 Seminars $ 95.00 (save 21%)
5 Seminars $ 115.00 (save 23%)
6 Seminars $ 135.00 (save 25%)
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Ancient History Seminar
March Sat 3 02-04pm UTS Building 6

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All of the files that are part of the premium resources are from students whose result was greater than 95 in their examination. Additionally, all the teacher files have been written by Senior HSC teachers/markers. Different schools may grade these files differently so we can accept no responsibility for the mark that you will receive.

Please note, however, that these files are only designed to be used as a guide for students to assist in their HSC year and are copyrighted accordingly. Therefore, they cannot be used directly as student’s own work. These files must be referenced appropriately as a source of information as plagiarism is a serious offence and we strictly prohibit this.

Ancient History HSC Resources:

Premium HSC Resources
  • To date, we have over 40 HSC Ancient History files for A+ club members
  • Files include complete study notes, assessment tasks, practice papers and a range of sample answers to the most difficult questions
  • All files are from 97+ ATAR students from the last two years.

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